About Us

We are Aeon Gas UK.


For complete safety and piece of mind all of our fires incorporate an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), which detect when the oxygen levels in the room fall below a specified level and cause the pilot flame to lift away from the sensing probe. This activates the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), which cuts off the gas supply to the fire and renders the appliance safe. For additional safety,
all of our flueless fires are fitted with a catalytic converter system to ensure excellent levels of air quality. We work closely with Thames Valley Business to ensure we adhear to safety procedures

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What We Do

Flueless fires incorporate the latest in gas fire technology and do not need a chimney or flue to operate. Instead, the combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter system, positioned at the top of the appliance, which converts carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour, levels of which are so low they are typically present in fresh air. In fact, the catalytic converter works so effectively that it can actually help to clean the air by neutralising airborne particles and odours, therefore helping to reduce household allergies.


All gas fires must be installed by a CORGI Registered Engineer. Flueless fires are very popular with fitters as they are relatively simple to install and can be fitted in literally a fraction of the cost and time it takes to fit a conventional gas fire. We also provide a fitting template with every flueless fire that is used to help with installation and because flueless fires do not require the use of a chimney or flue for operation the servicing costs are considerably cheaper than conventional gas fires. For more information please visit National Grid.